Friday, August 18, 2006

LALA land

This is my umpteenth trip to LA and the first time I've felt independent enough to drive around and do stuff on my own. The last time I was here I drove quite a bit but I wasn't too familiar with the streets or comfortable enough to drive around. To take a break from sitting at home most of the day struggling to get some work done I managed to go down to Venice beach a few times to go for a run. Around 630 in the evening, the sun isn't too strong and the breeze is invigorating. Running along the beach front, watching the sun set, seeing beach volleyball games and listening to the drummers in the distance is great fun. What makes it even more worthwhile is all the amazingly beautiful people with their perfectly tanned and athletic figures. Sadly, with my receding hairline and beer belly I don't quite fit in with the super athletic bikers and runners. It's even worse if one goes to the some of the cafes or bars in the area but a great place to people watch.

Also went for a free jazz concert at the Hammer art museum. The atmosphere and ambience was great but the music was a bit too much for an untrained or tone deaf person like me. Sounded more like the soundtrack of a bad horror film with all the screechy sounds.


Tabula Rasa said...

you got a beer belly already?!

gathala said...

whats your mobile / contact no? leaving msg here as i understand you are more regular here than you f&%&&$& email..

bandafbab said...

TR - yes, unfortunately, 3-4 months of very little exercise have resulted in waist development.