Sunday, October 22, 2006


Berlin stunned me. I was there for barely 4 days but I don't think I've ever been to a city which had me completely mesmerised. The architecture in Berlin was something I'd heard about but wasn't prepared for the craziness and the scale of things. It's a city which is reinventing itself and the urban planners of that city must be among the most daring in the world.

It's unlike most European cities. There is no real centre to it, nor does it have the old world charm one associates with other European cities. Walking around Berlin felt like walking through a huge exhibition of contemporary and modern architecture. Every 10 minutes one could see a very modern building, a sculpture or a crazy addition to an old structure. It sounds chaotic but somehow it seems to make sense. Then at night, it feels like a different city with a lot of the buildings lit up with a combination of lights. Some of them look like products designed for a high-end catalog of modern architecture.

Berlin's a weird city considering it's the biggest German city. It's the centre for politics and culture. The engineering, automobile, insurance, finance, TV and other industries are all based in different German cities. Somehow Berlin became a hotspot for a lot of new art and music and most of it has happened in the last 10 years. Post unification, the authorities are trying to make a big statement and even though I was there for a short time, it made a huge impression on me. I didn't explore much of the nightlife as it seems to be a city where you need to know about all the bars and clubs. Maybe next time, I'll go slightly better prepared.

I went crazy taking pictures and can't figure out which ones to upload to the blog. So, I'd much rather put a link to the whole album.



MiddleRoad said...

abbey saale. Anshuman told me that you have actually figured out a way to make money and still do decent math. So congratulations for that.
I do have some grouses - spell out the fucking names of folks at least when you mention them the first time on your blog, as you go along the description, you can revert to referring to every human being as a letter of the english alphabet.

bandafbab said...

Thank you. Have to work out visas and housing but might move to my next destination by Dec 1st. Will probably be there for 3 months. The math bum is moving along nicely.

As for spelling out the names of people, google makes it very awkward. Too much stuff shows up on google and I don't know how people would feel about their names and lives being talked about so openly on the net.

socket32 said...

for someone called 'middleroad' you seem to have embraced your own ideas really well