Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bonne Annee!

After all the crazy travelling for the last 8 months, the last 2 weeks have been fairly peaceful and quiet. Waking up under the same roof everyday and having a semblance of a routine feels a bit weird, but not too unwelcome. It's taken a while but I've gotten used to now going to the same grocery stores, laundromat and checking email from home and not a cybercafe. Not using a French keyboard makes life much easier.

From next week, I'll start going to the university and start showing my face. I'm not required to do much while I'm there for 2 months - no teaching, no administrative duties, no seminars. Just one lecture sometime in February so I should be able to get back to doing research which I haven't gotten around to for a long time. Working from home and cafes is ok, but doesn't have any of the intensity which one has when sitting in an office.

Hmmmm, that's about it. Nothing too interesting has been happening for the last 2 weeks. The weather's been fairly gloomy for the last 2 weeks. But it does make taking pictures at night fun.

Happy new year to anyone who's reading this blog.


Deniz said...

happy new year daddy!!

it looks like you're not a nomad anymore..

bandafbab said...

Not for the next 2 months, but from March 1st it'll be back to finding newer pastures...all depends on visas.

Deniz said...

you should go to istanbul some time in spring :)

大平 said...

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bandafbab said...

I'm thinking of heading to a different continent, Deniz.

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