Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back in Paris

Got back after a long flight and had to change 3 trains from the airport to get to B&M's flat. They're away for the weekend, so I have their flat to myself and after a long time being able to watch TV, surf, eat and drink at the same time felt like heaven.

Was very knocked out after the journey and crashed out on their couch around 5 in the evening and woke up expecting it to be pitch dark. Didn't realise that at this time of the year it's daylight till well past 10pm. Felt like an insomniac for the first 24 hours of getting back. It is nice to be in Paris for the summer though. Everything looks nice and cheerful.

Went househunting this weekend, and will move into my place in the 19th arrondissment on Monday, and hopefully get into some kind of routine. Have to start looking seriously for a real job now, so blogging will be a bit slow.


Anonymous said...

So far from Lapa, so far from Urca... but, at the same time, very near too...

Churu Churu said...

sounds like a great trip..
amazing pictures, specially the Rio and BA ones!
so jealous, *sniff*

bandafbab said...

It was a great trip. Thanks.

Deniz said...


Welcome home (!?).

I'll see you in two weeks in San Fermin! Rest well until then.


bandafbab said...

Ah, yes Deniz. I'll be there with my tent and sleeping bag.