Sunday, July 02, 2006

Summing up

1) Brazil put up a very insipid and uninspired performance. They deserved to lose. I thought Zidane was excellent and he played a lot like he did in the 98 world cup. Seemed to be in control whenever he had the ball. Ronaldinho was the biggest disappointment.

2) Why did Argentina not bring on either Messi or Saviola in extra-time? They went too defensive after scoring a goal and it obviously wasn't their natural way of playing. Watching Germany fight back and attack relentlessly was quite exciting. Ballack was everywhere and Germany has been the most consistent team throughout the world cup.

3) Did Rooney deserve a red card? His trampling on the Portugese player's groin didn't seem intentional. That sending off changed the whole tempo though England had so many clear chances to score a goal. In the penalty shootout they looked too scared and since they've never won a shootout it didn't look they expected to win.

4) Italy and France have shaken off sluggish starts and in the beginning it didn't look they'd have a chance to be in the semis. Spain and Argentina looked more likely to get there.

5) Can't figure out who to root for. Probably Italy.


Anshuman said...

Finally an away series win!! Do you think yuvraj and kaif will ever be good test bats? maybe its time to bring some new people in.

Beks said...


MiddleRoad said...

The Argentinians had used up their subs before the OT. That is the reason that they could not bring Messi in.