Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The travelling math show

For the last 6 weeks, I've been travelling a lot in the US. I am now basically a travelling mathematician and almost all my stops were related to *work*. There was a workshop in California and after that I went to various places giving talks on my thesis. I managed to get paid for most of these things and so financially I've been able to survive. Since I don't pay any rent or bills now, it's not too hard as I've stayed with friends or in some accomodation arranged by a math dept (or a tent). Food and bus/airline tickets are the only thing I've had to spend on.

Yesterday was my last stop in the US in Philadelphia. On sunday, I took a bus from New York to Boston, then on Monday morning another bus to Philly and back the same day. I gave my last talk yesterday and for the first time realised what it might be like to be a performer on tour. Till a few minutes before the talk I felt a bit fatigued and disoriented with all the travelling. I was wearing my *talk shirt* to appear respectable (I have a spare one in case it's dirty or smelly) and trying hard to talk to the other profs and seem alert. The moment my talk started I felt comfortable and by now I can give the talk half-asleep. The audiences have ranged from being hostile, friendly to ignorant and it's been a great learning experience being on the other side of the fence.

It's Tuesday today and I'm about to leave for JFK to catch a flight to London where I'll meet with my (former) advisor. I'll hang around there for 5 days and then go off to Vienna and stay with another friend who has a spare room. I won't give a talk there but from October 1st I'll be in Germany giving a different lecture series for about 6 weeks. After Dec 1st it's a bit vague about where I'll be based but if someone offers me money and/or a room I'll show up with my backpack.

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fatterbelly said...

your posts are becoming breathless.somewhat like railway stations one shrieks past without being able to read the name.