Monday, February 12, 2007

Moving to Rio

Well, not immediately but in a few months. I heard back from IMPA in Rio and they've offered me a visiting position for a few months in the summer (or winter depending on the hemisphere). I plan to be there for about 2 months from early May to early July. It's an unpaid position but they've offered to give me an office, with access to everything in the institute and a flat (maybe not free, but it should be cheaper than Paris). In return, I'll give a series of lectures while I'm there.

IMPA has a spectacular location. It's on top of a hill, on the edge of a forest and very close to one of the world's most famous beaches, Ipanema. Here are some pics of the institute. Of course, the fact that it's in Rio makes it even more exciting. The Rio marathon is in the end of June and it's been almost a year since my last one, so I'm itching to get back to running. One of the problems of living in Paris is the lack of open spaces to go running, but once I get out of here, I'll try getting back into shape. 4 months is enough time to train for it.

After I leave Paris at the end of February, I'll spend 2 weeks in Venezuela, about 5-6 weeks watching the cricket world cup in the Caribbean till the end of April, and then head down towards Rio after spending some time in the Amazon rainforest.

I had a visitor from Delhi last week and this week 3 friends from Munich and Vienna are showing up. It's fun to be the host for a change. If anyone wants to visit Rio while I'm there, you're welcome. I should have a nice place to stay in.


Tabula Rasa said...

pix look good, but dood, you missed something by not making the hk pop.

javier said...

Sounds good! I wish that interesting things happen to you there ;). As you can imagine, I also know people in Rio. So, remind me!

bandafbab said...


Not making the hk pop? ummm, don't get it.


I have to first reach Rio! it's still 2 and a half months away. Once I cross the equator I'll remind you about Rio.

Tabula Rasa said...

= not popping the over to the honk-ponk.

bandafbab said...

Ah, but you weren't there when I visited HK...august 2004. When do you leave HK?

Deniz said...

oh i envy you so much. even i want to desperatly get the f**ck out of here now, i cannot quit the job, i cannot give up my life here. i am being taken over by the system.

enjoy it daddy!

Tabula Rasa said...

ah yes, now i remember. sorry. i'll have a foot out the door by august, this year.

bandafbab said...


July 4th weekend in Rio? After Thanksgiving in Amsterdam, it'll be a nice reunion.

Bidi-K said...

wow, i am supremely jealous.