Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Last week in Rio

After giving my final lecture last week, and working out my visas I'd planned to do a few things in Rio since it was going to be my last week. Climb up a small peak with a professor, go for a football match in Maracana and check out a couple of small islands near Rio. Basically, some things which I felt I should do before leaving Rio.

I ended up doing none of those but instead had some great moments. I found a great club close to my apartment, where there're no chairs or space to sit in, no cover charge, no clapping and no food. People sit or stand on the sidewalk and you basically open a fridge with some beer and show it to the owner who keeps count. The club is called Bipbip, and the owner and his wife became very fond of me over the last week. Being Indian makes me very exotic out here, and I've enjoyed the attention and hospitality.

Also got in touch with some friends of friends, who took me out almost every night over the last week with their friends. Discovered some spots in Rio with small beaches, great views and cheap beer. I ended up making some close friends over the last seven days, with people who wouldn't ever want to leave Rio. All this happened the day I bought a ticket back to Paris, and if I hadn't finalised plans for the next few months, I would have been tempted to stay on here for longer. I'll be back soon.

I've uploaded some more pictures of Rio here. One last picture of Rio before I leave.


Anonymous said...

What fun!!! Looks like Rio has been the best place you've visited so far.

Anonymous said...

Aftab is almost a carioca. He speaks portuguese, dance samba and know the best places to go.

bandafbab said...

Rio was definitely the best place so far. Thanks to some people, I felt like a Carioca.

Anonymous said...

I presume you did find A.


bandafbab said...

I did. Thanks for putting us in touch. Because of him, I met other people as well.

Churu Churu said...
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