Thursday, May 17, 2007

Visa update

Looks like my Argentinian visa has worked out. I went today with the letter from the Indian consulate, and the visa official had no problems. Due to an agreement between Argentina and India, I didn't even have to pay a visa fee. The only question he asked me was "What does Shanti mean?". He's heard the term "Om Shanti" a lot, so he was curious about Shanti. He spoke English so for a while we were just chatting about Brazil and India - football vs cricket, Amazonas vs Himalayas. It'll take a week for it to get processed, but hopefully there won't be any problems - they'll call if they want something else.

After this, I have to deal with the French consulate. I've decided to head back to Paris after Argentina. I'm running out of money, and also feel that Buenos Aires will be a nice place to finish my South America trip. Chile and Patagonia are places I would love to explore, but it's the wrong time of the year and I don't think have the money or the energy to travel more. I still have 2 months left on the grant/contract I had in Paris, so I've decided to use it for the rest of the summer. I should be back in Paris, hopefully, by mid-June.

Still haven't received my documents from Paris to apply for a new French visa. It's going to be touch and go again.


Bea said...

Have a safe trip to Argentina!!!! I just read something in the National Geographic traveler about the Argentinian wines. So I do expect at least one post of the wines you tasted;)

bandafbab said...

Ah, the plan is to head down to Mendoza for some time. That's the base for hiking in the Andes and wine tasting. Hopefully, there won't be any screwups with the visas - esp the French one. I have to get that before I leave Brazil. Or change my plans.