Thursday, June 08, 2006


Finally managed to get my butt moving and went to Lodhi gardens for a run. Lodhi gardens is a park in the heart of Delhi built on the ruins of 16th century monuments and is still my favourite place in the world to go for a run. Since my school and college days this was always the park where I tried to train for a marathon or a long distance race. I know the whole route and park inside out and even though it was over 100F yesterday I forced myself to get out there. Managed to do 2 rounds (about 4km) before the heat and humidity stopped me. Hard to believe that I managed to run 10 times the distance less than 2 months ago. Ran into a childhood friend of mine who was doing his rounds as well and each time I come back to Delhi I always run into him at this park.

The World cup starts today. Also the French Open men's semifinals. And from tomorrow, the second India-West Indies cricket match. Aaaaahhh. So much to see. So much time to waste.


meghant said...

yo - lodhi gardens, eh? fucking perv!
and answers: no, leaving germany soon, in NY/NJ till Sept, then moving to ID.. (forever..)
w.r.t your 'things to do in delhi': how could you ask that pondy!? you _do_ nothing there, things happen, you let it happen!
how long u da?

meghant said...

and yeah, looking at your profile, afty - i'm always going to assure you, there's a nice man out there just waiting for you... (warm hugs n butt squeeze)

Wanna Be Dictator said...


you know there's no better place to watch the world cup than in kerala!

or perhaps germany, but since you're not there....

sudan, btw, sandeep might be able to get you tickets or something, perhaps. probably not free, but some sort of tickets since he's in the fifa college and so on...

Anshuman said...

abe.. Describe the first day! How many do you think we will post in the first innings? can't wait to watch the first day highlights.

I was watching some of the soccer games online..Watched the england game. and also the swedish one. Tell me, don't you think soccer is totally and mindnumbingly boring compared to Football. The fucking brits were just sitting on their lead waiting to run the time out. And, I can't get over the flopping. These guys are actors.

have you talked to pappi?