Saturday, June 10, 2006

sehwag and trinidad

Sehwag was back to his brutal best today. The pitch was pretty green and looked like it would help pace bowlers and the windies picked 5 pacers and india picked 3. In hindsight, we should have picked another spinner as it's going to be tough for our medium pacers on a pitch like this. For the first 30 mins, Jaffer and Sehwag took it easy. Jaffer looked very solid and after a 200 in the previous test, his confidence is obviously up and he seemed very comfortable defending and driving. Sehwag took his time to get his eye in. After that, it was mayhem. He treated the bowling like a club attack (which it is). At one point he waltzed down the pitch to Bravo and whacked him over long on as if playing a part time spinner. He looked like he was going to break Richards' record for the fastest century and easily score 100 before lunch. But for the last 30 mins or so, Jaffer had a lot of the strike and Sehwag looked a bit subdued. In the last over before lunch (and the windies only bowled 25 in a session) he tried as if he had to win the match in the last over. When he remained stuck on 99, he looked like he'd gotten out for zero on a rash stroke.

After lunch, Dravid and Sehwag played comfortably and Sehwag looked set for 300.
At this point I switched over to football and watching Trinidad fight it out for a draw was far more entertaining. Their supporters cheered every minute of the second half as if they'd won the world cup final. The moment the ref blew his whistle I switched back to cricket and Sarwan and Lara had huge smiles on their faces. Sehwag was on 150+ and it might have seemed odd to see the opposing captain smiling while his attack was being taken apart. 361/4 at the end of play and with Dhoni and Pathan to come, we should make 500+. Dhoni was even more brutal than Sehwag in the first test and if he comes in to bat with India over 400 and Windies on the defensive he can butcher them. I can see Kaif and Dravid playing without any rush in the first session and trying to get us to 450 without losing a wicket.

The England-Paraguay match was dull, boring and a lot like the England team - overhyped and devoid of entertainment. The Argentina-Ivory Coast game was the most open game I've seen so far and considering Holland is the third team in this group it's definitely the group of death.

Federer-Nadal play in the French open final today. Followed by cricket and then World Cup football.

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meghant said...

hey, i've an idea - you should put up like the best six of the day or something on a youtube thingy on your blog every day!
and yeah, i havent followed football (shutup anshuman, yes it's the cooler game i'm talking about) for a while and was so sad to see argentina play like phagwara mills or something! given what i've seen so far, germany actually looks quite good! but i think england will come together dude..
ok, now get back to serbia v montenegro, mr. watch-all..